Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Yay! We got married a year ago! Since we'd just moved across the country a couple weeks before, Bryson and I decided to have a more low key anniversary. We decided that we would go explore Madison. Before we left we headed to Saturday morning farmers market down town. It was so fun to walk around and get all our vegetables for the week, plus two cupcakes (one caramel and one chocolate - two of the flavors of our cake) to eat since we didn't save a tier from our wedding cake. After taking all our wonderful produce home, we headed up north to Madison.

Madison has a large farmer's market that circles around the capital building. Bryson and I had a great time wandering around and seeing all the wonderful things that were being sold. We found these gorgeous pepper plants at one stand. If we hadn't been staying all day in Madison we would have bought one.
At the same stand they also had beautiful strands of peppers to buy. Don't you love how vibrant the colors are?!
Everyone had such beautiful produce. I love all the different colors of these bell peppers.
The capitol building was modeled after our nation's capitol building but was built about three feet shorter.
It was built from 43 different types of stone, many of which can be seen in the rotunda area. It was just breathtaking to see all the detail that was put in to this building, both on the inside and the outside. Plus there's a wonderful observation deck that lets you see all of Madison and some of the five lakes that surround it. If you ever get a chance to go to Madison, Wisconsin definitely go to the capitol building. It's beautiful.
After leaving the capitol, Bryson and I headed over to the Student Union at the University of Wisconsin - Madison for some ice cream. It was so so good! Afterwards, we headed over to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens. I think I could have spent hours in there. It was so peaceful to walk around the grounds and see the beautiful flowers, plants and water features. I think I might have gone a little camera crazy!

This plant was one of Bryson's favorites. I love how vibrant the colors are.
Once we got home it was time for dessert and these cupcakes did not disappoint. We had such a fun day exploring Madison and reminiscing about this past year together and how much fun we've had. I am so excited for this next year as we start our new adventure here in Janesville! I love you hun!


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Sounds like a lovely day. One of my favorite mission companions lives in Madison. Maybe you should be friends! Those cupcakes look amazing.

  2. AND its a wonderful wonderful wedding photo! You looks so happy!

  3. Doesn't the first year fly by?!? Hope you guys are doing well!