Friday, September 3, 2010

First "week" of classes

So...I guess I finished my first "week" of classes - which was actually only one day of classes and one day of auditions (they are on a Monday - Thursday schedule here...). Things have gone great! A little bit exhausting, but I'm looking forward to a great semester. Here are some pictures of my office, I think its turned out really nice! Hopefully it makes sense. We'll do some pictures of campus later...

Panorama makes things look funky, but the desk on the right and the table on the left are actually parallel to each other, my little "nook" in my office. Notice the candy jar on the table, I won that at the retreat!!

That's my window! Bookshelves (with mostly my books) on the right. When I came in, both bookshelves were PACKED with books that weren't mine. My first couple days were spent sorting through the ones I wanted to keep and the ones that were out of date...

Kinda weird angle, but it connects the rest of the room. My "closet" on the left. I'm making a goal of riding my bike to work, so I have lots of clothes to change into once I get there :) The bike (try not to notice its conspicuous absence) will go on the wall by the door.


  1. awesome! thanks for sharing your office with us! I wish I had a piano in my office (oh wait, I wish I had an office...) i love that you have a "closet". looks like a cozy spot to work!

  2. I think it's about as big as my apartment- Looks like you have a great set up out there!