Monday, April 30, 2012


Bryson's birthday was on the 24th. I didn't get a lot of pictures but here are a few for you to enjoy!

Happy Birthday Honey!!

I think he likes the cake!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Here's a little update of what Emerson has been up to lately. He decided a couple weeks ago that he was done with jarred baby food, so it's been fun finding food that he wants to eat. He hasn't had much interest in walking (crawling is so much faster!) but when he wants to he'll walk along furniture. He talks a lot but the only things we can understand are: "mama," "dada," "ball," and "nana," which I think is banana because he loves them. I haven't been able to get good pictures of his teeth but he has four now with two more on the way and should come through soon! He's such a happy little baby with tons of energy! Here are some cute recent pictures of our little munchkin.

The pictures above and below are from December when we visited my family in Oregon for Christmas. This was Emerson's first visit to the Pacific Ocean! We put his feet in the water, which he didn't really like because it was cold, but we had a fun time!

 Hi Mom!

Me and my boy! 

This is how I sometimes find him during his naps. He's not always tired when he goes down for a nap and when he finally get's tired he just puts his head down and goes to sleep. 

 Emerson loves bath time! His favorite thing to do? Splash!



Back at the beginning of March, Bryson and I decided to get a pet. Bryson had read that a great way to fertilize a garden was with rabbit poop. So can you guess what we got? That's right! A cute little black and white rabbit. We named her Cordelia, or Cordie for short. We blocked off the laundry room and put her cage down there so she has plenty of space to run around in. She is a very sweet and curious little bunny. Emerson and Cordie haven't really had a whole lot of interaction but he loves to stand at the baby gate (not just for babies :) ) and watch her run around. We are very happy to have her in our family!


Over spring break we (mostly Bryson) did a little (a lot) landscaping around our house and got our garden set up for this year. We took out some bushes, cleaned up others, planted flowers, and got rid of old outdated liners. I'll put up some before and after pictures so you can see the difference. Enjoy!

 Before. The back yard flower beds. 

 Middle. All the weeds and old paver stones are cleared out.

Current. We planted new flowers and ground cover. Plus there are some strawberry plants which we're so excited about, around the edge of the flower bed. 

 Before garden.
 Current garden.
 The pictures above and below are before pictures of our house. All the evergreen bushes you see in the pictures are gone. 

After. We put in some new mulch, lining and a couple lovely azalea bushes.
I just had to share one of my favorite things about our house. Our gorgeous lilac bush that's right outside our backdoor. Not only is it beautiful to look at but it smells SO good!!