Friday, August 13, 2010

Family Reunion

After getting the house all cleaned (with the help of my awesome mom! Thanks mom!), locking our apartment door for the last time (sad) and turning in the keys, mom and I picked up my dad from the airport and headed up to Logan for a family reunion. Bryson taught at the Choral Academy at BYU that week so he came up on the weekend. The reunion consisted of my Great Grandpa Jake Fuhriman, his six children, and all their posterity. The reunion was held at a big cabin where we played, talked, ate and just had a great time! While I was in Utah I wasn't that best at getting together with my family in Logan, so I loved the reunion and all the time I got to spend with everyone! I didn't pull out my camera till the very end but here's a picture of the stream that ran by the cabin. It was so beautiful and peaceful up there.

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  1. I'm loving all this blogging! It does indeed look like quite a peaceful place!