Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Driving...and driving...and driving...

The beautiful Rocky Mountains in Wyoming.

Welcome to Nebraska!

About halfway into Nebraska we found the corn!

Coming over the hill in Iowa and these majestic windmills appeared!

You know those streets in California that are lined with palm trees?
Here are the palm trees of Iowa.

We saw these gorgeous farms surrounded by corn all throughout Wisconsin

This isn't a corn field, it's an English garden.

Driving is all we did for two days straight. We went through four states the first day, and three states the second day. Both days were long and tiring, but it was fun to spend time with our mom's and with each other. Plus we got to see some beautiful country! It was so amazing to wake up surrounded by mountains and fall asleep in the flatlands of the Midwest. We saw a lot of corn and a lot of soy beans, but I think my favorite site was seeing all the windmills. There were a couple different places along the way that had fields of windmills. It was definitely a sight to behold. But while we all enjoyed seeing all the new sights and new states, we were all happy and ready to be in Janesville and out of the car!


  1. Besides the mts of Wyoming, those scenes look all too familiar for me right now :) I used to not like Nebraska at all. It carried a bad rap of being so boring...and then I met highway 25, connecting bottom corner of NE to Denver -- now THAT was boring. Nebraska is so pretty and green and hilly and trees...what was I thinking before? Too bad I didn't forward you our I-80 scavenger hunt ! You could have seen the Smiley Face Water Tower in Adair, IA (did you see it?)...I see you found all the Windmills...and uh, well, truth be told, there's not much to see, so guaranteed you saw it all anyway.