Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Lovin....

Its hot. I know I shouldn't complain, because there are people in much hotter places than Provo, UT, but Whitney and I have been trying to figure out how to sleep at night. (See above picture for our current "wind tunnel" configuration of our bedroom - I'm sitting on our bed)

After reading a very entertaining posting of ways to beat the heat, we decided to spend at least one day experimenting with the idea of trying to go without A/C, with the assumption that by not turning on the A/C (which is only a unit in our front room), the heat in the evening would be more bearable...

So, armed with misting spray bottles, tubs of water to dip our feet in, and strategically placed fans (we decided to forgo many of the ideas in the posting of wandering the home in clothes - or absence thereof - that may scare away children and neighbors), we decided to champion the day without A/C.

We made it. We didn't enjoy it, but we made it. We're particularly embarrassed to realize that the high today was only 84 (it will get into the high 90's in the next 10 days...). We napped most of the afternoon away (no hallucinations unfortunately) and then spent the evening trying to cool our house down. Admittedly, it was much cooler once we opened the doors and windows an hour after the hottest temperature of the day had passed, and its quite nice in our home now (at 11 at night).

I just kept thinking to myself, I spent two years in Italy without A/C, and those were hot days, how in the world can I not handle this anymore? I used to be totally happy in ridiculously hot days (wearing slacks, a shirt, and a tie no less!), have I become that wimpy? Or is it just the fact that the A/C is sitting there, taunting me, that I feel like I'm torturing myself?

On a funny side note, I feel absolutely no guilt about how much I didn't pack into my day today. Of course, I spent some time reading a good book, but nothing particularly intellectually demanding - the Percy Jackson series - and I sent out the recordings of my most recent choir concert to the members of the choir, but that's about it. Usually I would be at the piano for awhile, writing a few lectures here and there, but doing nothing was PERFECTLY acceptable, despite everything on my list....

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  1. When I was a missionary in Costa Rica, there was only 1 area that was really hot - about 95-100 degrees with about as high humidity. I was not totally happy, but I was tolerant of it.

    Seriously, you'd think my Navajo blood would provide me some sort of protection against heat, but I think I'd die without air conditioning now.

    At least in Texas during the summer. ;)