Sunday, March 10, 2013


In my last post I put up pictures of the winter storm that happened around Christmas, but I didn't put up any pictures of Christmas itself. We stayed home in Janesville this year which was so fun! Bryson's mom flew in from Utah, and Bryson's brother and sister-in-law drove down from De Pere. We had a great time and a wonderful Christmas together! Before Bryson's mom flew home she helped us finish Bryson's office, which turned out beautifully! Then came a full and busy January which included a trip to Milwaukee for a music conference and me having the flu for the first time. That was not fun at all! But I got better just in time for my mom to come for a visit! While there was quite a lot of snow it didn't slow us down one bit. We had such a good time and Emerson loved having Grandma here to play with! We were sad to see her go but we can't wait to see her again in May!

The day after mom left, Bryson came down with the stomach flu...which then Emerson caught the next day, and I caught the day after that. Consequently we spent Valentines Day in bed, sipping water and eating saltines. It was not the funnest Valentine's but I'm sure it will be a memorable one. The rest of February flew by and all of the sudden it was my birthday. I had a wonderful relaxing birthday, filled with love and warm wishes and fun with Emerson while Bryson was at work. A winter storm moved in during the afternoon but we did manage to get out for some dinner before heading home, putting Emerson to bed, and enjoying some cake. Now here we are in March. Where did the last couple of months go? Well hopefully I will find time to post a little sooner next time, instead of waiting two months. Here are some pictures from the past couple of months. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!!

 Here's the office almost finished!

Downtown Milwaukee

Emerson loved the Milwaukee library!

Hello down there!

Time for some fun in the snow!

I love my mom!

Grandma snuggle time!

Being cheesy for the camera.

Having fun on my birthday!

Me and my love on my birthday :)

Being silly with daddy's eye mask. 

Emerson getting used to his potty seat. He's going to hate that I put this picture up when he's older, but it was just too cute! 

We've got a lot of snow!

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  1. Yippee! Don't forget yummy Indian food with us! (I seriously want to come down just for the Indian--and, of course you guys!) I'm slow...were you putting in new floors in the office? I saw the finished product, so I don't have any idea what it looked like before. Miss you guys!