Sunday, March 10, 2013


I started making jewelry as a hobby when Bryson and I were dating. I was working full time in Utah and Bryson was in Illinois working on his doctorate, so when I would come home I had nothing to do. I might have been bugging Bryson a little too much, because one day Bryson said that maybe I needed to find a hobby, either something I used to do or something new. It was a great suggestion and one that I needed. As I thought about what I wanted to do and liked to do, I remembered a friend in college that had made me a bracelet while I was sitting chatting with her. I thought learning to make jewelry would be a fun new hobby, so after I had done some research I went to the store and bought beads and beading tools and got to work. I made a bracelet and some ornaments for my mom for Christmas and I loved it!

Fast forward four years and my hobby has become a love of mine. I love reading and watching anything about beading. I love figuring out and learning new techniques, and most of all I love creating! I think my favorite thing to make is bracelets, although I've made necklaces and earrings too. I have a goal this year to sell my jewelry, which is exciting and scary at the same time! I'll keep you all updated on my progress. So without further adieu, here are some pictures of the pieces I've made. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Gorgeous Whitney! I'll definitely buy some from you, the problem would only be, which one to choose!