Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Decorating

The week of thanksgiving Bryson and I decided that since we were going to be gone the last couple weeks of December we'd decorate a little early. So I got all the decorations we had out and transformed our living room into a winter wonderland (okay there's no snow, but the room is full of twinkling lights and wonderfully smelling evergreens). We got our tree on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and spent the rest of the day decorating the tree and putting up the Christmas lights on the house. Emerson didn't really know what was going on, but he did love all the lights! We even let him play with some of the extra lights...until he tried to put them in his mouth, then he was done. :) I'm really happy with how the tree and living room turned out (After living in apartments, all our decorations fit in one room. We decided we'll expand the decorating throughout the rest of the house next year.) and we love spending time in there! Enjoy some pictures of the decorations around the living room and our sweet boy being introduced to Christmas lights.

The tree after the lights and before the ornaments. And yes the star is off kilter. The tree is straight, but the very top branch has a kink in it. I think it gives it character.

What are these bright things?

I think he likes them!

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  1. hey sis, so i know this is short notice but for xmas this year chris and I doing a family cook book! we are asking for everyone to please send us 5-10 of your fav recipes that you would like to share. i need them asap but i guess the deadline could be xmas day. we cany wait to see you, travel safe! love ya christy