Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mom's visit and Emerson's first birthday!

My mom came to visit for Emerson's birthday and we had so much fun! Emerson was so excited to have Grandma come and be his buddy as he crawled around and played. He thought it was so cool that Grandma would crawl on the floor with him as he discovered fun things to do around the house! We got to go on lots of walks, we went up to the big farmer's market in Madison, ate great food and had plenty of frosty freeze! We had a great time with Grandma here and we were sad when it was time for her to go home. We're excited though for Grandma to come and visit in September!

The Sunday before Emerson's birthday we had some close friends over for dinner and cake. Although it was a couple days before his birthday, we figured it was close enough and let Emerson try cake for the first time in his life. It took him a little while to really get into the cake cause he was playing with the frosting, but he finally did and had a great time with it! On his actual birthday we had a nice relaxing day playing with new toys, driving to a lovely little Amish store outside of town, having lunch at Red Robin, and of course having ice cream that night for dessert. We love our little munchkin and can't believe that it has been a year already!

Dancing with Grandma!

 Emerson's little cake


 Happy birthday to you...

 I think he liked it. :)

 I love my Grandma Cole!

 More presents!

Hi mom!

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