Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kindred Spirits

So I'm not the best at keeping in touch with my friends. I admit it. I'm an independent person and when I get busy with life and my family I forget to keep up those relations with friends. Now don't think I don't care. I love my friends and I am fiercely loyal to them, but life can be hectic and with these dear people in my life living all over the United States it can be hard to keep that constant contact. Some people in the past haven't understood that about me and unfortunately taken offence, and I feel terrible about that because my close friends become like family to me.

With Halloween coming up and it being Emerson's first, I was thinking about how I've spent past Halloweens. Immediately I thought of the Halloween right after I graduated from College. Bryson and I were just beginning our relationship. He was in Illinois and I was in Provo. I was unsuccessfully trying to find a job and treading water in what my next step was in life. Then enters my wonderful dear Siamese twin, Amy. I walked over to her house and hung out with her while she carved Mona (she carved the Mona Lisa into a pumpkin..It was so cool!) It was a wonderful night filled with candy, sweets, and wonderful conversation.

Amy moved to my home town when we were in high school. We knew each other but really didn't become close till she came to BYU and we reconnected. We were in the same choirs and became attached at the hip, which is a pretty funny sight because I'm 4 foot 11 inches and she's 6 foot. We were together so much that I friend of ours dubbed us the siamese twins. We cried a little, laughed a lot and had a wonderful time together. The amazing thing about our relationship is that although we don't see each other often, when we get the chance to talk, it's like we saw each other yesterday! And then we talk a mile a minute, catching up on each other's lives. Amy is so sweet, kind, generous, a wonderful mother, wive and friend, and I could go on and on. She is the sister I never had and I love my Siamese twin!

Now there is one more person who joined our merry little band a little later but is my other dear friend. The year Amy and I got into Concert Choir at BYU, I had the wonderful opportunity to stand by Aubrey. In the words of Ann of Green Gables, we were kindred spirits from the beginning. She is thoughtful, kind, funny, caring and again, I could go on and on. (These are amazing women!) She is another person that, although we don't see each other often, when we get to talk it's like we saw each other yesterday! I love that! So put the three of us together and we became fast friends and had so much fun together! I remember both Amy and Aubrey came with me when I needed more practice on the freeway (I hadn't done a lot of freeway driving at that point in my life. Now the freeway and I are good friends). We would drive from Provo to American Fork on the freeway and then drive back on State street. We got together for birthdays. I introduced Aubrey to her husband, and when they began dating we all triple dated. I love these two incredible women and am so blessed and privileged to call them my friends. I know that while we live far away (Utah, Wisconsin, and Texas), these are life long friendships and I am so grateful for that. Thank you dear friends and I love you both!

Amy and I on Halloween cleaning out Mona.

Us at Amy's bridal shower.

Aubrey and I after our first concert in Concert Choir.

Aubrey and I at the Strawberry Days Rodeo. One of our triple dates!

The three of us after a concert.


  1. You lovely woman, you! This is so sweet of you! I feel exactly the same way. Friends forever!

  2. I love this because I love all three of you!!