Monday, September 19, 2011


It's been a while since I've posted so this will be a long post, but there will be pictures. Enjoy!

Life has been busy, crazy and fun! UW Rock County started up at the beginning of September so Bryson is back to teaching. He's added another choir at U-Rock which is exciting, and he's also conducting the Festival Choir of Madison, which he's really enjoying. It's been a bit of adjustment being only Emerson and I after having Bryson home all summer, but I think we've figured out a great routine and now are having a great time! I helped out at the University bookstore the first couple weeks of school and that was a bit of a rough time for Emerson. It took a little while to get him back on a schedule, but he was such a trooper through the whole thing.

Emerson is getting so big! We've had a lot of friends in our ward have babies and it's amazing to see in a few months how much Emerson has grown and changed! Gone are the days of sleeping all day and cuddling with mom and dad. Now he wants to see everything that's going on. Here's some of the things he's been up to.

-He loves to smile and laugh but also loves to study everything and everyone. That's what comes from having academic parents I guess. I love to research!! :)

-There are no teeth yet but he's definitely become a drooler and basically puts everything in his mouth which he then chews on. I'm sure we'll be seeing some teeth peeking through in the near future.

-Emerson's been able to play and bat at his toys for a while but now he's figured out how to grip and pick up his toys...and of course put in them in his mouth.

-He's been able to sit up for a while but he's really close to sitting with no one helping him. Right now he sits up on his own for a couple seconds and then sees something he wants and leans that way and falls over. :) Once we work on balance a bit I think he'll have it down.

-Our biggest news...Emerson finally rolled over yesterday! He's been trying to figure it out but couldn't quite get the motion down. Well everything came together and he finally did it! Now he can't be stopped. Every chance he got yesterday he was rolling over. He doesn't know how to roll onto his back yet so he gets mad after being on his stomach for a while, but it's exciting!

I don't have stats for him because his pediatrician has been out of town on vacation but once he's had his appointment next week I'll post about how he's doing. Overall he's a sweet and happy baby. We love him so much and love not only seeing him grow but discover the world around him!

One of his favorite things to do...staring out the window at the tree our front yard.

This is how he loves to sleep...with his face buried in the blanket.


Here he is rolling on his side...

...almost there...

...and we're on the tummy! Mission accomplished!

Emerson trying to roll over on the changing table. Now that he knows how, he tries to roll over everywhere.


  1. Doesn't he know he's supposed to roll the other way first?

    I love those striped pants! I wish I could get away with baby fashions.

  2. For some reason I didn't realize until today that the fact that you were commenting on my blog probably meant that you had a blog as well and now that I've discovered it, I love it! Emerson is ADORABLE! I love his name and I love that his little face looks like both of you! If we end up going to Wisconsin for dental school I will definitely have to get a hold of you so that we can maybe see you and your husband and meet baby Emerson!